I know that people talk about wasabi notes, for this. At first blast I smell some citrus but not really a mandarin. I see a little of L,eau d,issei here,but in a more relaxing way,its like the smell of a spa,the steam room etc,guess I,ll buy it soon,love when a smell makes me feel relaxed. Yeah I just mentioned it exists and is interesting. it's great for hot days. I agree there's something ozonic and spicy in there. Because the +300% from most of their tactics makes it closer to 23% instead of 90%. This was a really strange release by Calvin Klein ,with some exceptionally strange notes that really don’t blend well together ,never been too keen on smelling of wasabi and pebbles ,but hey ,each to their own. Archers +40% 30% tech 10% retinue mixture, Skirmish: 3 no tactic, 10.125 volley, 27 feint, and 3 shieldwall. I have seen someone saying so full archers and try to win in one cycle. Yuk! With level 4 tech and max cultural building LI will be doing 2.2 damage each in skirmish with 4 defense and 3 morale. Normally skirmish is small but you build a heavy skirmish force. If these ingredients weren't listed, I wonder if people would mention pebbles and wasabi in their reviews?) My beach frag. It’s a pity really. If you do one cycle its over, 1600x3.9x3+400x1.5=19320 3.59 damage/maint. 7 hussar/1 light skirmish. 2 African:1 light skirmish. Suddenly you have 4 tactics feint, shield wall, volley, and volley harass. 180%. They activate all LC tactics and benefit from everything LC do. I'm not sure if I can detect the wasabi but their is another twist to this fragrance I cant identify, all I can say is I love it and will be rocking this this spring and summer. I totally sense the sharp wasabi and violet leaf at first whiff and then rose (which I hate if it´s overpowering in a fragrance, but here it is well played). This is a lovely, wet pebbles during a thunderstorm scent. The open is a bit harsh tho. The one I thought about when smelling this throughout the day was L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme. I'm glad I got this. Must emphisis quick, ignoring and generalizing as math takes while, Skirmish 2x2.1x50=210 725 0.29 damage/maint, Melee ((2.4 (force back)+3 (standfast))/2+1.5)x4.5x250=3600 4.97 damage/maint, Skirmish 10.125 longbow Nocombat 3. 2, 3, even 5 hours later, the smell was still terrible. How much it stinks. I am not a fan of watery smell, so this is not for me. Skirmish is still a better option to add archers to a formation so this falls in between the 2. The navy is another selling points for the Berbers with faster sh… Not a lot, though. I try it this afternoon. It's light--there's no doubt about that. I think people have enough "safe" perfumes. Their Camels and Hussar are also affected by this bonus and are backed up by full upgrades, giving a powerful advantage against other cavalry civilization… When I smell this perfume in the shop, I do not think for the second time to buy it. There are absolutely no sour notes in this fragrance. The scent itself ties into the concept of androgyny, smelling of nothing whatsoever. Sigh. I added some quick math for comparison. Cause i don't recollect it's smell. I love this fragrance so much, it's a terrible shame that it's being discontinued. Detailed information and strategies for the intricacies of the game. I don't dislike it, but I'm not sure yet if it will become part of my regular rotation. But it's a consideration as it can deliver high damage. I give it 7/10. But then, once I began to wean myself off of sweet scents for a few days, I started to feel the attraction and pull of CK2. The wasabi note is detectable but it may as well just be pepper. Top notes are Violet Leaf, Wasabi, Mandarin Orange and Pear; middle notes are Pebbles, Hedione, Orris Root, Peony and Rose; base notes are Vetiver, White Musk, Sandalwood and Incense. Non culture is quite expensive in "bloat" you are spending 100 on archers for every 600 on HI. Not bad! I do give it credit for being very realistic with it's mineral note, very unique indeed and modern. This one is undoubtedly their most avant-garde creation. It smells like fish! Their manintanance could be doubled to 6 (same as HC) and they will be one of the best. Sunny salty creamy flowery dry and mineral, smells perfect with the sea. It reminds me of a summer day mowing the grass :-) Pleasent and definitely if your looking for a non offensive close to the skin and nice clean earthy summer scent. Using west African. This is a cool one, in every sense of the word. At 60% the only option is shield wall which is +60% damage. Around about the 5th day wearing it I finally got the wet stones fantasy note. I'll be giving away the sample. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. This will greatly increase skirmish lengh. A weird one. tried this today..sprayed this on and literally smelled nothing lol extremely close to skin.. light and airy. It's a cold scent, but at the same time reminds me of the smell of pavement after it rains. Unfortunately, it leans too floral on my skin, I kept the bottle because it's minimalistic and beautiful. It is a nice scent that gave me flashbacks from when I was 5 of 6 but it was too much for my nose. in fact, it is so sweet-smelling that i use it to layer my other CK fragrance that is too woody for my liking, euphoria and reveal. So to start off, this smells the EXACT same as Fruits and Passion Blue, or I guess now its called Kate. So I usually go defense or shock retinue on my Asturias campaigns, but it looks like since Caballero is 100% LC and cultural it might be better? This is a little more clean, like it should be day wear and Reveal, evening wear. You want just over 25% HC minimum (unless you are poor). Kingdom of Scotland 3. This is truly "feel good" fragrance. Still bad and you don't want it or HC. As far as its smell, it's a sweet woody floral with a dry ozonic element which gives it a sort of crisp texture. Got it very cheap, would never pay original price, thought I'd make it 2016 summer scent and it really is great for hot days. If you like aquatic, unisex, close-to-nature scents, this is a good one :). This makes this one of the best unit in the game. When I first sprayed CK2 by Calvin Klein I didn't think much of it. This means they are quite strong. The violet and wet rock/concrete are really what does it for me. I have to say that for me, it suit women more than man. If you want a aggressive retinue shock defense is much slower to engage. I can actually smell the rain soaked cement/pebbles or stone like accord mixed with an undercurrent of fresh/fruity vibes. I want my king to charge my enemies down. Then turns into something plastic with calone overload. Also, you seem to be knowledgable in with the combat system, what commander traits are the best? My favourite Calvin Klein scent... and it’s discontinued!? … This product is currently unavailable See similar items that are available for purchase now! There is something fruity and floral at the initial impression that grabs my attention before it morphs into something something that is "cold" industrial-like, and very contemporary. It somehow manages to be cutting edge and pleasant at the same time. Training Grounds in a Castle give 20 cap per level. It's not a pretty scent. I also think it skews more feminine than masculine. This smells like a day at the spa, sitting on the balcony overlooking a zen garden. Greywall reduces defense in skirmish and offers nothing positive. They need to add hybrid LC and HC tactics. I mean, I guess with the citrus notes I can see how that would be the intention but this I think has floral notes just a bit too heavy for this to be for men. Note RNG here volley is 0 LC damage. It turned out to be a very generic freshie. Kudos to Calvin Klein! Reminiscent of Womanity, but I prefer CK2. But LC are very capable in the melee phase. The only thing bad about CK2 is the marketing. Puts me in the mind of a beach towel faintly scented with suntan lotion while lying on a wet concrete pool deck. Longevity good ..sillage close. the other cultures are best off copying the english and producing a retinue with a 1:1 ratio of skirmisher retinues to defensive retinues. Its a great tactic for levy but for retinue its only better if the enemy uses religious fervor or timid advance but does end the battle quicker. 10% LI morale, offensive, and defensive per level from cultural building. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_crossbows#China_and_South_East_Asia. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. But depending on the enemy/region shock can easily be the better choice due to affinity. Hi, could you tell me what is best in life? The new Victoria's Secret body mist in "Capri Lemon Leaves" is a very good dupe for this! Almost like a humid frigidity to this, if that makes sense. I'm betting on the latter, but we'll see. Also affinity. Welcome CK2. The scent really developed into a different thing! A definite mermaid scent but I like it on my boyfriend. It lingers with the breeze and waves and when I come back from the beach all I can smell is the sea comes back with me. You can only use a fraction of all your units at once due to being at different stages. It doesn't strike me as very complex, because I can't seem to smell most of the notes listed. It's successfully unisex to me, without evoking any gender or much other than that distinct "pond rocks" smell. To me this smells very much like a grassy scent, perfect for spring, it does go very close to the skin on my body chemistry, but it's got this peppery zest to it to, which I like. [21] Elite crossbowmen were also valued as long-range snipers as was the case when the Liao Dynasty general Xiao Talin was picked off by a Song crossbowman at the Battle of Shanzhou in 1004. I bought this today in the sale at superdrug for £10 (30ml size). But much more literal than other aquatic offerings. So adding HC will make them charge sooner, and reduce melee damage. It leans a little masculine to me. Airy, bit floral and has dominant feel of sun shield lotion with soap. 99% of the time this term is used as a derogatory remark for a young individual who is self-absorbed, spoiled and shallow, and Millennials most definitely don't like being referred to as such. I don't get any wasabi, mandarin, pear, rose, sandalwood, or incense, for example. The closer I get to wherever I spray it, the more fake and unrealistic it smells. Soon, it'd be very likely in my wardrobe. Smells clean, super versatile, great for summer, I want it! The scent of 90’s mall nostalgia combined with sexless futuristic minimalism. It's both fresh and pleasant, but still not worth the $33.00 price (FragranceNet) for a 3.4 oz bottle. Violets are in bloom all around this crystal lake.They will fade during the day, and the piquant dry scent will embrace the surrounding forest with its decadence for the night. i wear it anytime i want, day and night. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Well worth the sale price. You can use them pure the LI are good. Even then nubing is just a archer heavy defense retinue with less bonuses. Millennials? i dont understand. It's cool and refreshing but not cold. Now that was a pleasant surprise! I can’t stand the lavender note mixed with the other notes, I don’t know if it’s true the wasabi note is there but don’t like it at all. Oh and it has a solid longevity (6 hours before I had to wipe it out). Yeah its a shame. I don't smell anything like "wet cobblestones", but I do think of Coast soap, and this isn't the first fragrance to remind me of the scent of Coast. I was thinking how pebbles would smell, and I get something related a bit with Encre Noire (more whit it than with mild vetyver scents like He Woody Rocky Mountain). Or that wonderful scent in the air after a rainstorm. It has this laundry vibe to it that makes sure you're smelling good anytime. It's an interesting smell. It is suitable for summer, heat wave, day time. Below is my review, not as conceived with a seismic ripple of sorrow, but rather with just a bit of crestfallen reflection. Either way, for 15 bucks how can you go wrong?! This fragrance dries on my skin like a male version of Theirry Mugler Alien, but for men. It's saying "I'm neutral, one of the crowd, neither a woman nor a man, neither spicy nor edgy nor strong nor.. anything in particular really". My favorite retinue has always been light cavalry (and camel). I just could not understand it. Defense retinue are great for defense - however I generally use retinues for attack (with levy used to protect my realm) so for me they are of limited interest. If you have 2 flanks or archers you have a 9.61% if safe to miss. Using west African. On me I get a strong aquatic note and I can pick up what I guess is the pebble note. A … I don't know who should couple of it's notes smell in fragrances but when first sprayed I can detect violet leaf,a hint of mandarin and something aquatic.It's first half an hour is a very aquatic,ozonic scent to my nose.reminds me watermelon note in marina de bourbon Prince Blanche and calon in some issey miyake perfumes.I can see why some people may love it but I highly dislike this type of scents(I agree with reviews describing it as SPA's smell)hubby also dislikes it as most aquatic,ozonic scents smell like (non cooked)egg to him. Calvin Klein CK2 Fragrance Collection - Only at Macy's product don't have any reviews. You don't really need to do math to know +300% LC offensive can be devastating. When I first spray this on, I get fresh ground black pepper, pepper and then more pepper. Pikemen have gotten a maintenance cost increase is the most major change from last time. These characteristics, as well as its youthful appeal make it similar to its predecessor, not in smell but in essence. Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated 6 Jan 2021), Cerner Multum™ (updated 4 Jan 2021), ASHP … HA used to be really good and OP so some people before brought up questions before about them. On defense vs shock I say it's pretty even. This is a great answer to those who say that there can not be a summer without citrus scent. To encounter them, first, you must choose a kingdom with access to the Atlantic Ocean which are of the following as of 1337: 1. But the real kicker is they are paired with LC and are't suited for LC. Almost eveything about them is not good. I love this in so many ways and have had many compliments. I think CK2 is the Queen/King in this. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. In my opinion the best retinue in the game is camel cavalry by far. One of them a repeating crossbow capable of delivering many bolts against massed formations. Somewhere it goes with lines of Narciso Rodrigues For Him, I gues it’s the musk and the violet, both scents kinda relate with its mineral feel and flowery sparkle. So I think this is my THIRD review of this lpl but I again, feel the need to change my views on this. Doesn't lean feminine yet not overtly masculine. It is strong and masculine. HC increase charge chance reducing skirmish duration. It's like barefoot walking on light-grey warm round-pebble-stones on seaside on a relatively warm day with breeze wind.. I think that this fragrance succeeds in being an updated CK1. Shock is better against pikemen and HI due to affinity. Archers can also barrage in melee which reduces damage of melee units considerably. Paradox just needs to add more combo LC HC tactics. You could have really went far with this, but you really played it safe. LC under harass same specs are 9 damage, 4.95 defense and 4.4 morale. Reminds me slightly of Reveal. This one starts really feminine to me and then dries down to something similar to CK Be. Previous ones said too but that was before sidewall changes. For me this is a welcome alternative to the sweet scents that seem to be everywhere at the Macy's counter. I like it. It smells so incredible in the cold (I sprayed some on my winter parka), I can't wait to try it in the hotter seasons! the smell is captivating in the most subtle way. This scent is so interesting! So yeah, its nice, its clean and fresh and good price! Not this time! I initially bought this when it came out and it quickly became my go-to for most of my time at university. Higher change to charge and bonuses during charge. Perfume rating The scent is not that good in my opinion. there is nothing to expand upon. CK hit the target again after successful duo Reveal, now delivering this nice and modern perfume for the youngest crowd. All in all a good spring fregrence. I liked it when I first sprayed it but then when it sat for a bit it became very musky/hair spray-ish it caused me a migraine soo I would say this is headache inducing if you are sensitive to perfumes all I can say is too heavy for me. Siege leader and organised are hugely useful, but within battles the best trait is probably "leading the centre" for an overall boost. When you advanced you beat pikemen and lose to HC. It’s fresh? Ck1 aside.. I expected them to have pikes or heavy infantry. From time to time, Calvin Klein surprises us with a good fragrance. It was followed by less popular unisex edition CK Be in 1996. Mandarin in this case is minimal. Loved it on my colleague, it left a nice and clean trail behind him and I even could tell he was there without seeing him. They dont care about complicated notes. It's unique, it's weird in a good way, and it's truly unisex. Sometimes I love minimalistic fragrances. It's very refreshing and crisp. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It also never happened to me before to buy another bottle of something I have not even finished the first bottle of, but it makes me sad that it was discontinued and I don't want to live without. Retinue cap is based on a formula which takes into account the maximum size of your realm levies (or you and your vassals if you are not the top level liege lord) as well as your technology level. When your capital is in europe you can get 100% HC. When necessary, the faster Villagers can also be used to scout for boars and surrounding resources with less gathering downtime. Calvin Klein made a hit with its unisex fragrance CK One from 1994, which marked the urban youth of the nineties. More specifically I looked at a better archers in general like english longbow.