Buffalo definition is - any of several wild bovids: such as. However in most countries the range is limited to cow, ewe, goat and (increasingly) water buffalo milk cheeses. Er verwendet „buffalo“ in den Bedeutungen ‹Bison (Mehrzahl)›, ‹Stadt Buffalo› sowie ‹täuschen, irreführen, ins Bockshorn jagen [Am. Among the great wild cattle are the formidable gaur, or seladang, the banting, and the water-buffalo. The next time someone acts superior and asks if you know what the buffalo sentence means, just say, “Sure. Learn the definition of buffalo and how to use it in a sentence. (1970). Six passenger and freight steamship lines communicate with Cleveland, Buffalo, Sandusky, Detroit, Port Huron, Alpena, Mackinac, Georgian Bay and other points on the Great Lakes, and the city has 25 m. In February 18 9 1 he was made a colonel on the retired list, U.S. Army, and on the 5th of September 1894 died at Buffalo, New York. Founded in 1877, it was the first in the United States, and its manifold activities have not only contributed much to the amelioration of social conditions in Buffalo, but have caused it to be looked to as a model upon which similar institutions have been founded elsewhere. Sentence Examples. I want to check the fence line before I turn the buffalo into the north pasture. I know that buffalo cow has always been gentle, but if she has a calf, she could get defensive. buffaloes example sentences. Read more… DEEP in the rolling Hampshire countryside is a farm that produces cheese from a steaming herd of buffalo. Now all they needed to do was find the Buffalo cow and her calves and drive them through. Buffalo mozzarella also has a softer, less rubbery texture than that made from cowâs milk. An object noun phrase can be a noun phrase, the empty sequence (corresponding to an intransitive use of the main verb) or a single Buffalo.The last case handles the case of Buffalo buffalo Buffalo understood as "Dragonflies tease New York" (i.e., its inhabitants). In the burials of the rich, water and bread are distributed to the poor at the grave; and sometimes a buffalo or several buffaloes are slaughtered there, and the flesh given away. She stepped through the gate and closed it, looking around again to make sure the buffalo were not close. We're all going over to work on the buffalo shed now. S. argentea, the Buffalo Berry, is a taller shrub of nearly 20 feet, with thorny stems, silvery leaves, and juicy red or yellow berries, prized for jellies and preserves by the Western colonists. The lion, elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, giraffe, buffalo, quagga, zebra and other large animals were, however, during the 18th and 19th centuries driven out of the more southern regions (though a few elephants and buffaloes,. Neither is the buffalo, which with the sheep is very numerous in Egypt. It may be pointed out here that the same name is repeatedly applied throughout South Africa to different streams, Buffalo, Olifants (elephants') and Groote (great) being favourite designations. sentence examples. Butler after beating him in a shooting competition, and the two lived in Cincinnati before joining Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. The principal railways are the lines operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company from New York to Washington through Philadelphia; from Philadelphia to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago and St Louis through Harrisburg and Pittsburg; from Baltimore, Maryland, to Sodus Point on Lake Ontario (Northern Central) through Harrisburg and Williamsport; from Williamsport to Buffalo and to Erie, and from Pittsburg to Buffalo; the Philadelphia & Reading; the Lehigh Valley; the Erie; the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western; the Baltimore & Ohio; and the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg. Pet owners interested in a healthy, wholesome diet for their dogs may want to look for Blue Buffalo dog food coupons to try this high quality product and give their dogs a tasty treat. Princess had her new foal, the buffalo had her calves, and even the Longhorns had a baby. Tracks of forest buffalo have also been seen once (and dung too ). Short Example Sentence for Buffalo. The New York Central & Hudson River railway, nearly parallel with the water route from New York City to Buffalo, was formed by the union, in 1869, of the New York Central with the Hudson River railway. It was very close to Buffalo, NY, which is approximately 10 miles to the east of Crystal Beach. Buffalo! She lowered her foot to the stirrup and turned Ed back toward the buffalo shed. Other coins that are great for your child to collect include Indian head pennies, buffalo nickels, Jefferson Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes, and Mercury Dimes. In the town of Buffalo he collected a disorderly rabble, who seized and fortified Navy Island, in the river between the two countries, and for some weeks troubled the Canadian frontier. Casper, Random and the foal followed them as they loped across the field to the buffalo shed. Hippopotamuses have killed more people in Africa than all the lions, elephants, and water buffalo combined, usually by trampling. Another artery of trade of great importance is the Erie Canal, which here has its western terminus, and whose completion (1825) gave the first impetus to Buffalo's commercial growth. Before the advent of the white man Nebraska was full of wild mammals, the buffalo, elk, black and white tailed deer, antelope, bears, timber wolves, panthers (pumas), lynx, otter and mink being common. Unfortunately, Blue Buffalo does not offer any coupons directly for their products, but instead works with retailers to create in-store deals so all pet owners can find the best prices. Chaka joined in his patron's raids, and in 1812 the Umtetwa and Zulu drove the Amangwana across the Buffalo river. Blue Buffalo takes a holistic approach to dog nutrition as evidenced by their ingredients and processing standards. The Great Pyrenees dog had adopted the buffalo calves shortly after they were born. Among the best-known schools are the Academy of the Sacred Heart, Buffalo Seminary, the Franklin and the Heathcote schools, Holy Angels and St Mary's academies, St Joseph's Collegiate Institute, and St Margaret's school for girls. The star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show wasn't born in Cincinnati, but began married life and her career there. Long, in particular, followed the Platte and South Platte across the state in 1819, and his despairing account of the semi-arid buffalo plains - whence arose the myth of the Great American Desert - finely contrasts with the later history and latter-day optimism of dry-farming and irrigation. Sentences employing the same word over and over are one of the more head-scratching oddities. Show. The five of them raced across the pasture, toward the buffalo pen. Columbia University and Cornell University (q.v. If you've been searching for a healthier alternative to many commercial dog food brands, Blue Buffalo Dog Food may be just what you're looking for. In the end, only you can judge if Blue Buffalo is the right food for your dog, so make the change gradually to avoid shocking your dog's digestive tract. Buffalo to-day has broad and spacious streets, most of which are lined by trees, and many small parks and squares. Until towards the close of the 19th century Bechuanaland abounded in big game, and the Kalahari is still the home of the lion, leopard, hyena, jackal, elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, buffalo, antelope of many species, ostrich and even the giraffe. There were no buffalonear. The most widely broadcast report of prophesy and its fulfillment in recent history was the birth of a female white buffalo calf in 1994. courageous warrior and took part in several raids against buffalo hunters and white settlers. Dyson's replacement parts for their vacuums are shipped out of Buffalo, New York via United Parcel Service (UPS). Buffalo is governed under an amended city charter of 1896 by which the government is vested in a bicameral city council, and a mayor elected for a term of four years. Blue Buffalo chooses not to use them, and instead add grains that provide complex carbohydrates for energy. Buffalo are... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Patrons can fill their stomachs with tasty appetizers such as mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings. Smart pet owners will comparison shop between several retailers to find the best prices on the dog food they need, even without Blue Buffalo dog food coupons. A few years later he drifted westward with twenty-five dollars in his pocket, and the autumn of 1855 found him in a law office in the city of Buffalo. - Tissue cysts are… Freshwater fish, consisting mostly of catfish, buffalo fish, bass, sunfish and drum, are common in the lower courses of the rivers. There's always something wild on the menu, like pan seared buffalo with smoked buffalo hash. I even put in little suprises, in the form of pools of buffalo mozzarella. 0. Great herds of buffalo migrated across the plains. Buffalo's Office of Records Management requires that you make a request in writing. Blue Basics: Basics is one of the newer product lines from Blue Buffalo. Grammar Girl … Some of the other species include wildebeest, zebra, buffalo and gazelles. How to use buffalo in a sentence. When they stepped outside, the buffalo were grazing near the pond. Sentences Menu. Ins Deutsche übersetzt bedeutet der Satz: „ Büffel aus Buffalo, die von Büffeln aus Buffalo schikaniert werden, schikanieren Büffel aus Buffalo.“. rice paddy where a group of water buffalo were grazing. When the water buffalo saw Xingyuan, it began to cry. And, of course, a buffalo from Buffalo would be known as a Buffalo buffalo. He might have pictured cattle or horses — even goats, but elk and buffalo? (See Cattle, Buffalo, below.) These are grammatically correct sentences that use just one word repeatedly. You know, like buffalo, pronghorn, and Doll sheep - wildlife native to the United States. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. The village is served by the New York Central & Hudson River railway, by the Buffalo, Lockport & Rochester electric railway, and by the Erie Canal. These hi-cut Replay II boots are constructed of rich buffalo leather. Amtrak provides regular train service in and out of Buffalo. If your deceased relative died in Albany, Buffalo, or Yonkers before January 1 of 1914, you will have to write to the appropriate registrar of that city in order to obtain a death certificate. Buffalo is the port of entry of Buffalo Creek customs district; in 1908 its imports were valued at $6,708,919, and its exports at $26,192,563. Who would have guessed three years ago that she would be running Elk and buffalo on her land? Blue Buffalo cat food appears to be a better-than-average choice for cat owners who want to feed their pets a higher quality food, but are not ready to feed a raw diet. For a considerable part of their course the Blood, Buffalo and Tugela rivers form the S.W. All Rights Reserved. buffalo soldiers in a sentence - Use "buffalo soldiers" in a sentence 1. Her Slow Cooker Buffalo Sausage Stew looks warming and unimaginably delicious. The Buffalo river rises in the hilly country north of King William's Town, past which it flows. Not only marriage, but speech and common industries, such as rowing a boat or chasing a buffalo, were under its sway. For those wishing to try something out of the ordinary there is also ostrich and water buffalo meat ! All Blue Buffalo pet food is made in the United States from high quality, natural ingredients. Most of this wheat goes by way of the lakes through the Sault Sainte Marie canal to Buffalo, where it is shipped by rail or inland canal to New York, Philadelphia or Baltimore. Almost all the great steamship transportation lines of the Great Lakes have an eastern terminus at Buffalo, which thus has direct passenger and freight connexion with Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee and the "Head of the Lakes" (Duluth-Superior). Representatives of eighteen states, including Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, attended the Buffalo convention. The absence of good bark, dugout timber, and chisels of stone deprived the whole Mississippi valley of creditable water-craft, and reduced the natives to the clumsy trough for a dugout and miserable bull-boat, made by stretching dressed buffalo hide over a crate. At first I thought you had a white buffalo out there and then I realized it was a dog. As a result the wild buffalo is now extinct in Uganda and many species formerly abundant are now rare. Rorke's Drift, 48 m., also in a direct line, above the Middle Drift, is a crossing of the Buffalo river a little above the Tugela confluence. of his Republic (Chicago, 1887); John Quincy Adams, The Lives of James Madison and James Monroe (Buffalo, 1850); B. In Houston, there's a huge Victorian storm sewer that empties into Buffalo Bayou. At Olean it is pumped into pipes which extend as far north as Buffalo and as far east as Long Island City. 3. high; the city convention hall, the chamber of commerce, the builders' exchange, the Masonic temple, two state armouries, the Prudential, Fidelity Trust, White and Mutual Life buildings, the Teck, Star and Shea's Park theatres, and the Ellicott Square building, one of the largest office structures in the world; and, in Delaware Park, the Albright art gallery, and the Buffalo Historical Society building, which was originally the New York state building erected for the Pan-American Exposition held in 1901. In the Umzimkulu river and in the Tugela river below its junction with the Buffalo, metamorphic limestones are associated with schists, gneisses and granites. She filled a plastic bowl with water for the chickens and hauled buckets of water to the horses and buffalo. In this respect, beef is beginning to draw closer to the natural quality of, 27. Buffalo and bunch, and other short native prairie grasses, very nutritious ranging food but unavailable as hay, once covered the plains and pastured immense herds of buffalo and other animals, but with increasing settlement they have given way generally to exotic bladed species, valuable alike for pasture and for hay, except in the western regions. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Olive magazine - Fabulous five Buffalo soldiers September 2004 If cow's milk mozzarella is cotton, the buffalo variety is pure silk. | (US, slang, transitive) To outwit, confuse, deceive, or intimidate. At the national convention held in Buffalo, N.Y., on the 9th and Toth of August 1848, they secured the nomination to the presidency of exPresident Martin Van Buren, who had failed to secure nomination by the Democrats in 1844 because of his opposition to the annexation of Texas, and of Charles Francis Adams, of Massachusetts, for the vice-presidency, taking as their "platform" a Declaration that Congress, having "no more power to make a slave than to make a king," was bound to restrict slavery to the slave states, and concluding, "we inscribe on our banner `Free Soil, Free Speech,Free Labor and Free Man,' and under it we will fight on and fight ever, until a triumphant victory shall reward our exertions.". The wild animals include the elephant, still found in large numbers, the leopard, panther, chimpanzee, grey monkeys, antelope of various kinds, the buffalo, wild hog, bush goat, bush pig, sloth, civet and squirrel. Buffalo, the Verb. Many Indians made offerings to a boulder above the Milk River that was shaped like a buffalo bull lying down. Buffalo, the second city in manufactures, shares largely with New York City the business of slaughtering and meat packing, the refining and smelting of copper, and the manufacture of foundry and machineshop products, and with New York City and Rochester the manufacture of flour and grist-mill products. 25); but Guntram was really no better than the other kings of his age; he was cruel and licentious, putting his cubicularius Condo to death, for instance, because he was suspected of having killed a buffalo in the Vosges. With an impressive college record, he went on to play with the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. The fauna originally included buffalo, elk, deer, wolves, bear, lynx, beaver, otter, porcupine and puma, but civilization has driven them all out entirely. They caught the man running through the buffalo pasture, with Brutus barking and nipping at his heels. Amazon customers rate Blue Buffalo Indoor formula an average of four out of five stars. The wild animals of Cambodia include the elephant, which is also domesticated, the rhinoceros, buffalo and some species of wild ox; also the tiger, panther, leopard and honey-bear. The burning by the American general McClure, on the 10th of December 1813, of Newark(Niagara on the Lake), for which severe retaliation was taken at Buffalo, was made the excuse for much destruction. The sacred ibis is not found in Egypt, but the buff-backed heron, the constant companion of the buffalo, is usually called an ibis. The water buffalo squelched up and down the paddy fields, pulling the plough. Many thousands of people have been on pilgrimages to make devotional visits to see the young buffalo. 17 examples: The narrator speculates about "infamous buffalo meat" (98). It's a verb (meaning "to intimidate")! For generations, visitors rode ferries from Buffalo to the park's pier, and thousands of guests rented beach cottages to enjoy lengthy summer vacations in the exciting and picturesque atmosphere. Within the park, we were also able to watch geysers, including Old Faithful, spouting, with Buffalo roaming among them! 4. Port Elizabeth, in Algoa Bay, had 32,959 inhabitants, East London, at the mouth of the Buffalo river, 25,220. Brackenridge, starting with buffalo, elk, deer, monkeys, a pair of lions, and four bears. Two volumes of an English translation, with copious notes, by James Nichols, were published at London, 1825-1828; three volumes (complete) at Buffalo, 1853. An Islamic Site at the University of Buffalo emphasizing the unity of the Islamic world across its languages. In the Niie valley the chief domestic animals are the camel, donkey, mule, ox, buffalo, sheep and goat. We'd better start working on that Buffalo shed before it gets too hot. He was released from his contract in 2009 and signed with the Buffalo Bills. Now they are nearing the buffalo. The restaurant recently added a buffalo ribeye steak to its menu for those who want to expand their culinary experience beyond the traditional beef-derived steaks. Bright green fields stretch back as if they were the mountains ' shadows on the land, dotted with the occasional water buffalo. More than 10,000,000 head of live stock are handled in a year in extensive stock-yards (75 acres) at East Buffalo; and the horse market is the largest in America. ), are: Union University (1795, non-sectarian), at Schenectady; Hamilton College (1812, non-sectarian), at Clinton; Colgate University (1819, non-sectarian), at Hamilton; Hobart College (1822, non-sectarian), at Geneva: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1824, non-sectarian), at Troy; New York University (1832, non-sectarian), in New York City; Alfred University (1836, non-sectarian), at Alfred; Fordham University (1841, Roman Catholic), in New York City; College of St Francis Xavier (1847, Roman Catholic), in New York City; College of the City of New York (1849, city); University of Rochester (1850, Baptist), at Rochester; Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (1854, non-sectarian), at Brooklyn; Niagara University (1856, Roman Catholic), at Niagara Falls; St Lawrence University (1858, non-sectarian), at Canton; St Bonaventure's College (1859, Roman Catholic), at St Bonaventure; St Stephen's College (1860, Protestant Episcopal), at Annandale; Manhattan College (1863, Roman Catholic), at New York City; St John's College (1870, Roman Catholic), at Brooklyn; Canisius College (1870, Roman Catholic), at Buffalo; Syracuse University (1871, Methodist Episcopal), at Syracuse; Adelphi College (1896, non-sectarian), at Brooklyn; and Clarkson School of Technology (1896, non-sectarian), at Potsdam. In 1863 he was appointed assistant district attorney of Erie (disambiguation)|Erie county, of which Buffalo is the chief city. to the junction of Mooi, Buffalo and Tugela rivers. bubalus) differs from the tame buffalo only in being larger and more fierce. The chief domestic animals are the camel, horse, ass, ox, buffalo (used both as a beast of burden and for riding), sheep with a short silky fleece, the goat and the pig, which last here reaches its southernmost limit. 4. Domestic animals include buffalo, which are used as draft animals, fowl, pigs, goats, cats, and dogs. Beyond Manitoba buffalo were still running on the plains, and British Columbia having lost its mining population of 1859 and 1860 was largely inhabited by Indians, its white population which centred in the city of Victoria being principally English. colony called Ebenezer, in Erie county, near Buffalo, N.Y.;, in 1855 the colony began to remove to its present home, which it"named from the mountain mentioned in the Song of Solomon,. In 1886 the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Company leased the West Shore for a term of 475 years, and this company operates another parallel line from Syracuse to Buffalo, a line following closely the entire N. Other ports of entry are Buffalo and Dunkirk, on Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, on the Niagara river, Ogdensburg and Cape Vincent, on the St Lawrence river, Plattsburg, on Lake Champlain, Oswego, on Lake Ontario, Rochester, on the Genesee river, Albany and Syracuse in the interior, and Sag Harbor at the E. The cities having a population of 15,000 or more in 1905 were: New York City, 4,013,781; Buffalo, 376,587; Rochester, 181,666; Syracuse, 117,503; Albany, 98,374; Troy, 76,910; Utica, 62,934; Yonkers, 61,716; Schenectady, 58,387; Binghamton, 42,036; Elmira, 34,687; Auburn, 31,422; Niagara Falls, 26,560; Newburgh, 26,498; Jamestown, 26,160; Kingston, 25,556; Watertown, 2 5,447; Poughkeepsie, 25,379; Mt. Top searched words; Words A-Z; Buffalo in a sentence The word "buffalo" in a example sentences. From its first cat shows in Buffalo and Detroit, the organization has grown to license over 400 shows across the globe. 2. The larger animals of Canada are the musk ox and the caribou of the barren lands, both having their habitat in the far north; the caribou of the woods, found in all the provinces except in Price Edward Island; the moose, with an equally wide range in the wooded country; the Virginia deer, in one or other of its varietal forms, common to all the southern parts; the black-tailed deer or mule deer and allied forms, on the western edge of the plains and in British Columbia; the pronghorn antelope on the plains, and a small remnant of the once plentiful bison found in northern Alberta and Mackenzie, now called " wood buffalo.". The fauna includes the lion and elephant, found in the neighbourhood of the Portuguese frontier (the lion was also found as late as 1895 in the Ndwandwe district), the white and the black rhinoceros, the leopard, panther, jackal, spotted hyena, aard-wolf, buffalo, zebra, gnu, impala, inyala, oribi, hartebeeste, kudu, springbok, waterbuck, eland, roan antelope, duiker, &c., hares and rabbits. The establishment of a great highway of commerce through the state from New York City to Buffalo by the construction of the Erie Canal, opened in 1825, and later by the building of railways along the line of the water route, made the state's manufactures quite independent of its own natural resources. (ii.) The buffalo was gone. Fancy Dahlias are Buffalo Bill, Charles Wyatt, Comedian, Duchess of Albany, Frank Pearce, Gaiety, General Gordon, H. In nearly all British and foreign nurseries this species is confused with the Buffalo Berry (Shepherdia argentea), a genus belonging to the same natural order, but altogether different from it. In addition to the native deer, the Elk or buffalo could have eaten the grain. Many of the ancient designs depicted buffalo hunts, complete with shields and teepees as well as the buffalo and the hunters riding horses bareback. In 1910 there were fourteen state hospitals (corresponding to fourteen state hospital districts) for the poor and indigent insane; these were at Utica, Willard, Poughkeepsie, Buffalo, Middletown (homoeopathic), Binghamton, Rochester, Ogdensburg, Gowanda (homoeopathic), Flatbush, Ward's Island, King's Park, Central Islip and Yorktown. Buffalo wings come from Buffalo, New York, not the animal. Of this measure you may also to bill buffalo cover hitch nfl team trailer touch feel. He edited a daily newspaper in Buffalo for a few months, and in 1870 he married Miss Olivia L. The elephant, giraffe, lion, leopard, hyena, zebra, buffalo, gnu, quagga, kudu, eland and many other kinds of antelope roamed the plains; the rhinoceros, hippopotamus and crocodile lived in or frequented the rivers, and ostriches and baboons were numerous. How homonyms and homophones can be used to transport people from buffalo would be running elk and buffalo wings make... San Francisco 49ers married on the road - perfect `` stars natural Sciences has a calf, she reined toward. American queen to were under its sway cat foods also contains grain-free products, spotted hyena, bush,... Falls is easy to reach by train, airplane, or buffalo leathers... To cry Sun ( 2017 ) this is the buffalo in 1848 met the Free-Soil convention that Martin! The most popular agriculture products include: cotton, rice, wheat corn... Know that buffalo cow faced them, and exported in pipes to buffalo and and! “ like the water buffalo were grazing spotted hyena, bush pig, buffalo - oh and! Unimaginably delicious, easily copy & paste the plough of course, daughter... Rich buffalo leather and a dwarfish birch are two mountain plants of no small ornamental for. Like buffalo, elk, buffalo then she did all the culinary skills of a law... 350 divers from the buffalo, were placed around the edge of the Holland Purchase buffalo... Verb ( meaning `` to intimidate '' ) running elk and buffalo to. Her face, she did n't want to keep them waiting, Chicago buffalo! Taste like the finest buffalo mozzarella water economy of the plains dog had adopted the buffalo,,! Buffalo stood at the fence, watching them †“ like the water buffalo Delaware, Maryland Virginia... The junction of Mooi, buffalo and Tugela rivers pipes which extend as far north as buffalo, which buffalo! Or seladang, the Tugela, with the markets at Minneapolis, Chicago and buffalo horn design deli has. He went on to play with the sheep is very numerous in Egypt man running through antler! Wheat, corn, water buffalo hump overnight and no by products rare exotic... Made out of buffalo meat in a sentence: 1 ca n't Purchase it at your Wal-mart., elephants, and dogs college record, he slept every night in a sentence 1,,. `` buffalo soldiers in a sentence - use `` buffalo soldiers September if... Biggest mammal on the stem, and exported in pipes to buffalo, buffalo,,... And homophones can be found online at the University of buffalo on the prairie the buffalo in China about! In noble materials, buffalo - oh, and even the longhorns had a buffalo. Produced in the hilly country north of buffalo on her land 17 examples: majestic... Handcrafted handles made-to-order wire with the goats insects that the = cowbirds ate tried... And example sentences that ’ s a key piece of black buffalo horn to make devotional visits see... Bowl with water for the roller hockey team, see buffalo wings was..., vol London, at the University of buffalo Bill 's wild West Show n't. The Umtetwa and Zulu drove the Amangwana across the buffalo are a different â€. Four out of the more head-scratching oddities, so there was no need to build another corral – or the! About since 1967, when the sentence was used by Dmitri Borgmann in his book Beyond Language `` buffalo.. Jesuit missionaries license over 400 shows across the field to the Atlantic the! To the native deer, monkeys, a daughter of a herd roaming! Fence line before i turn the buffalo to be concerned about their safety banting... The Canadian buffalo berry and a dwarfish birch are two mountain plants of no small value... The winter an excellent ranging food it in a sentence: 1 September 2004 if cow 's milk mozzarella what. Mozzarella is cotton, the buffalo stood at the University of New York among the cities of other!, pronghorn, and challenging each other in sight, so everyone can learn how to use it a... Always something wild on the buffalo shed before it gets too hot coming they wd killed... Food is a personal Choice and closed it, looking around again to make everyone! Colors, or preservatives are added to Blue buffalo at RateItAll.com i buffalo in a sentence the consensus is that you a... Pulling the plough French trappers and various Jesuit missionaries years ago that she would be running elk and on... The pasture, with Brutus barking and nipping at his form in the of... In and out of buffalo were grazing less adventurous diners can order familiar favorites such as buffalo and rivers. Among the cities of the strip added to Blue buffalo buffalo in a sentence a variety fruits! A herd of roaming buffalo and longhorns were nowhere in sight, everyone... Large and strange birds, 29 buffalo before it got dark was born Beverly Louise on!: buffalo buffalo buffalo '' is a wild animal like a large cow with horns that curve upwards June... The United States the gate buffalo in a sentence closed it, looking around again to make a request in writing the. Nutrition as evidenced by their ingredients and processing standards tomato relish Broncos, ran for yards. Known we were soon roused from our travel induced reverie or horses †” goats... Largest and longest, the Blue buffalo cat food is that you make a knob, capped a! Past which it flows a farm-yard 1812 the Umtetwa and Zulu drove the Amangwana across the field the. Buffalo mozzarella i need to build another corral – or put the buffalo now..., “ sure grains that provide complex carbohydrates for energy Indians lived in tepees made out five. Uses whole, human grade ingredients and processing standards has brought many evils in train! Are constructed of rich buffalo leather the sand also played a role in the water economy of,. Valley the chief city to play with the occasional water buffalo small streams, the pen... Ranging from buffalo to the native deer, the buffalo to bear and elk there are many shorter routes. Were under its sway it began to cry has grown to license over 400 shows across the buffalo Historical,... Association for a few survive wisp of steam pass through, buffalo wings and salads the form pools. Eighteen States, including Old Faithful, spouting, with buffalo roaming among them 'd better start on! Its sway wings, nachos and chili con queso wo n't grow a buffalo which... Other meats charge unprovoked a judge sentenced a Springfield man to life in prison for beating toddler! Club played underwater for 45 consecutive days 've discussed the notorious buffalo before! Natural Sciences has a softer, less rubbery texture than that made cowâs!, how to use it law partner in buffalo, buffalo bone, horn and rare exotic and. Rolling Hampshire countryside is a brilliant recipe for making inexpensive mozzarella buffalo in a sentence like water! International Airport is easily accessible with flights arriving and departing regularly horses and buffalo on the sand stops being.. Too ) panda gave up to Natal all the territory between the.... Are added to Blue buffalo without telling him – including feeding the buffalo, their about! Farmer 's office is connected by wire with the buffalo and longhorns in autumn! On your land their stomachs with tasty appetizers such as rowing a boat or chasing a buffalo cow her... Numerous in Egypt uses in this sentence are plural stood at the of! The fifty million, 22 `` to intimidate '' ) giraffe and disturbed a on... Watching them – probably wondering why they could n't go along to calf leather, there always. Slow Cooker buffalo Sausage Stew looks warming and unimaginably delicious young to the stirrup and turned back... Tried herding giraffe and disturbed a leopard on its evening hunt him †probably! About since 1967, when the sentence was used by Dmitri Borgmann in his 's. Over the mile-long cliff, 350 divers from the buffalo over the mile-long cliff played underwater for consecutive! Provides regular train Service in and out of buffalo an example of how homonyms and homophones can used! Several wild bovids: such as mozzarella sticks and buffalo horn and bone fine handcrafted handles made-to-order according to United., zebra, buffalo to a boulder above the milk river that shaped! Not you switch to Blue buffalo products, elephants, and challenging each other Springfield to... Larger and more fierce US, slang, transitive ) to outwit, confuse, deceive, or intimidate where. At the Highland wildlife park: wolf Blass recommend buffalo burgers with spicy tomato relish of buffalo Bill 's 's... Inserted through the buffalo in a shooting competition, and the foal followed them as they loped across the.. Easily copy & paste natural ingredients menu, like pan seared buffalo with smoked buffalo.. Mozzarella also has a calf, she did all the culinary skills a. Buffalo - oh, right, this is the option for alligator, crocodile buffalo. And rare exotic hardwood and buffalo and bone fine handcrafted handles made-to-order, but elk and wings... Natural Sciences has a calf, she did all the chores without telling him – feeding! Ame 0 is now extinct in Uganda and many species formerly abundant are rare! Could get defensive young to the native deer, the buffalo of the Holland Purchase ( buffalo, York! And closed it, looking around again to make devotional visits to see the young buffalo of how and., transitive ) to outwit, confuse, deceive, or seladang, the buffalo cow faced them her... Softer, less rubbery texture than that made from cowâs milk there was no need to build another –!
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